Justin Wilcox Letter to DOT

Thanks to Monroe County Legislator Justin Wilcox (LD-14) for joining the chorus of public officials calling for a 5-10-10-10-5 roadway configuration that allows for proper bike lanes on East Avenue. “To allay safety hazards and improve accessibility particularly for bicyclists and pedestrians, I respectfully ask that your Department ensure a 5-foot bicycle lane on both sides of Route 96, leaving 10-foot lanes for the vehicular traffic and a center two-way turning lane. These wider bicycle lanes will provide a necessary safety cushion from fast-moving cars.”

Mr. Wilcox joins the Town Boards of Pittsford and Brighton in advocating for safety for all users of this roadway.

Here is the first page of the letter – the second page contains the list of public officials copied by Mr. Wilcox into the communique:

Hon. Joseph Morelle, NYS Assembly Majority Leader
Hon. Joseph Robach, NYS Senator
Hon. Richard Funke, NYS Senator
Hon. Bill Moehle, Brighton Town Supervisor
Hon. Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor
Mr. Kevin Bush, Regional Director, NYSDOT, Region 4

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